Pre-conference Workshop—Development of a Small Satellite

Organizers: Dr. Robert Krchnavek (Rowan Univ.) & Mr. Russell Trafford (Rowan Univ.)

Time/Location: 3/12 (Sun), 2:00 PM-5:00 PM, REXT 341

Abstract: Rowan University is slated to send New Jersey's first academic CubeSat into Low Earth Orbit in 2018. In this workshop the Rowan CubeSat team will share their CubeSat development experience with the workshop attendees.

The workshop will discuss about the general steps and regulations/requirements for a development and deployment of a SmallSat, and the current project managers and students on the Rowan CubeSat project will discuss their CubeSat form factor, initial design choices for the CubeSat, integration of this project both in graduate and undergraduate curricular, and how the project is currently being managed.

This workshop will be held as an open discussion to engage attendees and help them gain insight into the design process of this rapidly developing research area.